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Rogue’s Creed

The Burning Legion will fall.

We will annihilate them all.

With my glorious queen in the lead,

They will be forced to concede.

Their lives, their quest, all forfeit to me,

And they will bend at their unholy knee.

I will watch, rend their eyes,

And throw their bodies from the skies,

SargerasKil’jaeden, and Gul’dan.

Will all fall before my hand.

The Horde stands tall, brave, and true.

But where does that leave you?

Do you stand at my side, riding for glory?

Or will you fall with them and their sad story,

Or do you side with the filthy Alliance,

Who dares to mock me in defiance?

I’ve mastered the shadows, and the blade,

And I’ll tear through their precious glade.

For when it comes to domination,

I am a formidable abomination.

I slip through the very shadows,

And send them straight to the gallows.

back stab, I plunder, and I stun.

There is no place for you to run.

Make your choice, and make it well,

I give no second chances, or farewells.

If with me you stand, ready to quest,

Then prove yourself worthy of the best.

I allow no deficit, none weak,

And none will stop my killing streak.

I send my daggers to their home,

Inside the chest cavity, past the bone.

I twist, I channel the strength of dark,

And pierce their God-forsaken heart

Dropping body after body, kill for kill.

This is truly the ultimate thrill.

To face off with the demons below,

And then all the world shall know.

Know I have fought and I have won.

They will immortalize me now in song.

For the end of the Legion does grow nigh,

And I will wrench their bodies from the sky.

Send them back to twisting nether,

All at once, still together.

But they wont return from whence they came,

So they are dead to me, all the same.

But when the final bell tolls once more,

And historians tally the score.

Where will I turn these knives,

That ended so many lives.

If the war is over and I am done,

Is it really me who has won?

I will have no more enemies to fight,

And I will rest for an eternal night.

Until once more my name is called,

And a new threat must be stalled.

Without that, there is no hope.

All the world at the end of their rope.

But I will be known as Legion’s Bane,

Until at my hands, the last is slain.


Living life in eternal pain,
Demons knock my door again.
Drag me to my place of doom,
It is more than just a room.
An arched pillar stands so proud,
Screams of agony are so loud.
I realize my pain will start,
When I rip out my still-beating heart.
I know what I’ve done to deserve His wrath,
As God above me watched my path.
I broke the heart of someone close,
I ignored poetry, and the prose.
That is why my eternal strife,
Is to destroy a sign of life.
Before I go to this haunted crypt,
I pass by a different script.
I look out and see a man,
Bound hands about head, no tan.
For his pants were drawn up to his chest,
Looking to be an uncomfortable rest.
I can tell how he was judged,
For these pants would never budge.
He kept his pants well below the waist,
In horrifying and ugly distaste.
What makes him get a wedgie from Hell,
Is the idiotic loss of self.
In a ghetto, dirt and trash,
He would probably steal some cash.
Spray paint on a wall, plain to see,
It just isn’t a hell for me.
I move on prodded by wraiths,
Into a time, lacking faith.
They take me past strange lands,
Where sinners toil like farm hands.
Patrolled by a demon on horse,
I figure it out, of course!
These sinners once thought they owned,
Sections of Earth, far from home.
Enforcing their rules and ideas,
Now they work and they plea.
But it’s too late, they’ve made their choice,
And now get played with like toys.
I see the ground, nothing green,
Green is life, which here is unseen.
No life, no hope, not a single prayer,
They curse at God, and He doesn’t care.
And now I walk out among the weak,
Big and tough sinners, I feel meek.
I look from here and what do I see?
The Horror of Hell staring back at me!
He develops an evil grin,
I’ve committed a terrible sin.
Now I see what Hell truly is,
And now I’ll write like this.
A fire, a rain, just brimstone,
The evil figure lurks on his throne.
And through his empire he must gaze,
For all eternity, his nights and days.
The sinners all struck with grief,
He laughs, scoffs their disbelief.
In this little rhyme so plain,
I illustrate the horrors of his domain.
He does to those what they deserve,
For he’s the God they now serve.
He rejoices each passing day,
As more souls fall astray.
From God’s eternal loving light,
To Hell’s forever, lonely night.
The endless pain, everlasting agony,
As God and man ignore their plea.
They cry, blubber, and sometimes curse.
The evils they endure are the worst.
No man should be subject to this,
But they deserve separation from eternal bliss.
So now you see what they endure,
If only my heart was clean and pure.
I would be in Heaven with God,
tender loving mercy, but it’s odd.
He condemns us all to this pain,
Never to find grace with him again.
If God is love, why am I here?
I hadn’t had a single tear.
At my funeral, I know they joked,
And my body, I’m sure they poked.
Why must I be torture in this way?
Forced to break my heart each day.
Rip it out with my own hands,
As time shifts like the sands.
I’m almost there, at the tomb,
In this empty Godforsaken room.
Why does He do this to me?
And now He ignores my plea.
Damn Him for this, I had reason,
For my anger, in that season.
My stress was high, and I got mad,
Burned and tore paintings from my dad.
His art was so well known,
A true seed had been sown.
So much for this, I’ve no regret.
His abuse is what I won’t forget.
In my knees day and night,
Condemned to this afterlife.
And on that note, I will close,
As by blood and heart shows.